Special Events

Roosevelt Public School is looking for a Part Time Assistant Janitor. Evening hours with about 30 hours a week. Contact the school office at 701-622-3263 if interested.

Wednesday, January 19th:

Breakfast: BYO Breakfast Sandwich

Lunch: Spaghetti

JH Boys Basketball: No Practice

HS Girls Basketball: Practice at Flasher

Early Out: Today @ 2:40

Virtual Lyceum: “Corey the Dribbler”, January 27th

County Spelling Bee: February 2nd in Carson

Quote of the Day: ” Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.”

Tuesday, January 18th: 

Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Tacos

JH Boys Basketball: Game at Glen Ullin at 6:00

HS Girls Basketball: Practice in Flasher

Early Out: Wednesday at 2:40

Spelling Bee Results:

Oral Round Winners:

1st Place – Gavin Hoff 2nd Place – Alexa Belisle 3rd Place – Adlyn Reis 4th Place – Luke Hauge 5th Place – Paige Zenker 6th Place – Brady Hauge

Grade Level Winners: 

1st Grade: 1st Place – Olivia Steiner 2nd Place – Clayne Miller

2nd Grade: 1st Place – Kinsey Koenig 2nd Place – Libby Ulrich

3rd Grade: 1st Place – Adlyn Reis 2nd Place – Savara Hoff

4th Grade: 1st Place – Jace Rivinius 2nd Place – Jaycee Koenig

5th Grade: 1st Place – Brady Hauge 2nd Place – Luke Hauge

6th Grade: 1st Place – Alexa Belisle 2nd Place – Gavin Hoff

7th Grade: 1st Place – Keely Reisenauer 2nd Place – Cole Martin

8th Grade: 1st Place – Paige Zenker 2nd Place – Christian Stewart

Virtual Lyceum: “Corey the Dribbler”, January 27th

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

Monday, January 18th: No School

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